12+ New Hampshire Hatching Eggs

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    May 18, 2011
    I have 4 German New Hampshire hens with 2 Reg New Hampshire Roos. My Roos are not hatchery, I got them from my neighbor who has had them for year. Just didn't have any luck growing out a GNH roo last year. I have had great fertility on these eggs, but the eggs are still on the small side. These girls have not being laying for long because of the time of year they hatched... just threw them off on the laying. The chicks have been healthy and hearty.

    These are available after March 27th. I ship these individually wrapped in bubble wrap and with big bubble wrap around those and styrofoam as filler. The shipping is $17 priority mail. I ship on Mondays, but could ship any day if needed. Paypal only NO E-Checks (unless you pay a week in advance). I can also ship fewer egg for those with small incubators, just PM me.

    SHIPPING Hatching Eggs are a RISK. Once the eggs are shipped they are out of my control. Damage to packages during shipping are the risk of shipped eggs. I take reasonable care for packing your eggs, just like I would want my eggs shipped. (No special packing instructions sorry) I offers no GUARANTEE on your hatch rate. By posting or bidding or buying you understand these terms.

    Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. When the weather breaks I will try to get some.

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