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The Cinnamon Sussex has a white body with a brown-red tail and brown-red wing tips, its neck is white striped with brown-red and has a very striking appearance.

The Sussex chicken is an alert, docile breed that can adapt to any surroundings; they are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces. The Sussex was bred to be a dual purpose bird and is one of the most productive breeds of poultry. They lay large eggs that are cream to light brown in color.

Chicks will be white at first.
Then they will either be brown-red feathered or black
(Cinnamon or Light Sussex)

Black x Black = 100% Black
Black x Brown = 50% Black, 50% Brown
Brown x Brown = 50% Brown, 25% Black and 25% Splash/Kahki
Splash/Kahki x Black = 100% Brown
Splash/Kahki x Brown = 50% Splash/Kahki and 50% Brown
Splash/Kahki x Splash/Kahki = 100% Splash/Kahki

Whats really nice is eventually you will get a almost all white Sussex (SPLASH/KAHKI)

The Sussex chicken was created around 1900 in the county of Sussex, England. They are a popular breed both for exhibitions and home poultry keepers. The Sussex breed has made a great contribution to the poultry industry and is even an ancestor to the modern broiler. Sussex is one of the oldest breeds of chicken that still exists today.

These birds are the result of a breeding project several years in the making--and they are now ready to be introduced. These are Chocolate/Dunn-gene birds. Currently, I have a coop that has Cinnamon Sussex Rooster on Light Sussex hens

Shipping and Handling: Priority mail, Express Mail must be calculated. We pack our eggs with care; however there are many factors that can affect the hatch rate after the eggs have left our hands. We cannot guarantee your hatch rate, nor are we responsible for any mishandling of packages by the postal service (occasional x-ray, extreme temperature changes, or variations in incubation conditions). We can, however, guarantee your eggs are fertile, carefully packed and fresh! If you have any additional inquiries about shipping or our eggs and bird, we will be happy to answer you. We ship our eggs via USPS Priority Mail on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday to ensure that your eggs are not sitting in a truck or building instead of in your incubator! Please NOTE that for Express Mail Friday and Saturday are not options to ship but can be sent out on Thursday. After you receive your hatching eggs, please allow the eggs to rest for a 12-24 hour period to allow them to come to room temperature before putting into a prepared incubator.

Weather and Temperature Extremes: PLEASE READ!

Because of Extreme Hot and Cold temperatures, we are offering Express Mail to try and off set climate conditions that may adversely affect you’re newly purchased eggs. Please be aware that even in milder seasons, your hatch success may be dependant on the temperature extremes that your hatching eggs endure on their journey. Please do not bid on these eggs if you are not willing to accept this natural risk.

Thank you for your interest in our Cinnamon Sussex.
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