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Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
This is a buy it now auction. Price includes shipping. You will get what is laid from the bbs, partridge and white silkies. The silkies are separated by color. I have a new roo in the bbs pen He is a SQ splash rooster. There is 1 blue hen, 4 black hens and 3 splash hens in that pen. The white pen has 4 hens and 1 roo and all are white. This sale is for both sizzle and silkie eggs. When they get to laying more i'll split it up. I also have new birds with different colors being added to the flock soon.

My sizzles there are a black, white, blue, 2 laced grey, gold laced and a partridge hens with a grey silkie roo and a cockereal that is multicolored smooth sizzle and I'm not sure if he's breeding.

The first box will go out on wednesday and next on saturday.

I ship priority with DC#. Bubble wrap each egg and set air cell up in a carton. Carton lid is taped closed and secured in a priority box so it doesn't move around. I have very good results with this packing method.

Payment is thru paypal only. Payment is expected immediately. My paypal addy is [email protected] Please make sure your address is correct and if you want your phone number on the box so the po can call you please put it in the notes section with paypal.
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Noel and Goldie are laying. Just thought I would add that for those wanting eggs from those two sizzles.
i am new to this particular breed We have recently gotten silkies....or are trying...can you please tell the difference between a Frizzle silkie and a Sizzle silkie? Also do these have FEATHERS? if so can these fly? I love them ALSO! just wondering...do these frazzle like other chickens? Sorry but I know nothing! (about this)
This batch is sold. i'll figure out how to close this but I will answe your question chick amoung us when I get home to my computer. in a hurry at the moment. Gotta get home before the sitter leaves.
I have bought eggs from this buyer and had GREAT hatch rate and beautiful color patterns....you wont be disappointed! Melody

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