12+ Tolbunt mixed eggs


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Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
They are all laying again after 4 months of molting and broodiness...its finally over! :p

Tolbunt smooth roo over olive eggers ( marans x ameracaunas) and birchen marans

This auction is for 12+ Tolbunt MIXED eggs!!! Usually 13-16 eggs
my paypal account at [email protected] gets them;) shipping is included and this :D

Thank you!!!!!
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SOLD! :weee


Well hello Julie!!! Sold it is ;) These will be mailed Monday in a big stuffed box and Im throwing a surprise in for you!!! Mauauauauaua...Is your addy listed on your paypal accnt? If jot can you please pm it to me just in case? Thank you so much!!! You wont be dissappointed as fertility is at 100% at home and all eggs I have sent have had 75-100% hatch rates!!!! BIG BIRDS!
Finally have a photo of what one of the chicks look like grown up!


They look like this with beards and mohawks...Or some are completely black with beards and mohawks! :D

I even have a few white ameraucana eggs Ill throw in if you want them...
I have 18+ eggs I can ship Monday Sept..17th

45$ shipping included!!! Im notnhatching anymore and completely caught up in orders:D

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