12 week old EE hen or rooster? :(


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Hello. We are new chicken owners (3 Easter eggers and 2 buff orpington) we purchased our chicks one day old ,sexed. I knew going in there was a small chance that we could end up with a roo. Well our little puffy cheek Patunia is looking more and more like a Roo to me :( I'm kinda in denial about it... My 5 year old will be heartbroken! I was really hoping we would get lucky with all 5 being hens! What do you think? Roo?? Has not crowed...yet... Help would be greatly appreciated so I can try and find him a home! Thank you!!!

The hackle feathers look too rounded on the tips to be a cockerel and yet it sure does look like saddle feathers growing in between the wings....
Yes the feathers are rounded. I'm noticing lots more vibrant red feathers appearing that are super shiny... The comb isn't any bigger than the others but is more red. I haven't noticed it acting any different than the other chicks...I was really hoping we would get lucky with all 5 being hens! I knew there was a chance :( my daughter loves him/her...:(Total bummer!
Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to join our flock. Petunia has the three rows in the comb that are characteristic of Easter Egger roosters (female EEs typically have a single row pea comb). Sadly, drumstick diva is correct, and you're going to have to change Petunia's name to Patrick. Sorry. :eek:( Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Good luck in re-homing him.
Thanks for your input everyone! Yes, she has 3 rows on the comb, my other EEers do as well but they are paler. My others also (to me) have no other rooster characteristics other than a 3 row comb. I'll try and post a pic later. I really hope they ALL aren't roosters! We would be devastated! We have raised them since they hatched :(
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Yes, it does appear she is a HE! I am so sorry. You might look into one of those no-crow collars. They are a soft velcro collar the bird wears to help reduce the volume of the crowing. Just a thought.

Enjoy this wonderful journey you are on and welcome to our flock!
Thanks guys! I'm not concerned with him crowing. We live out in the country, our neighbor has roosters. I'm most concerned about him with my young girls (2&5) my grandad had a rooster and it was mean! We were scared to even go by the coop :/ right now he is not aggressive and kinda hangs out by himself a lot of the time, let's us pick him up ect. But he is only 3 months old,lol. And the fact we only have 4 hens (I hope none of the others are Roos!) I feel like they might really get roughed up.

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