12 week old mixed flock..eggs or crows coming? (pic heavy)


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May 28, 2012
Hi BYC friends, I am posting pics of my flock in hopes of finding out if eggs or crows are coming to my coop - all are 12 weeks old today. I've been as patient as I can be and tonight I broke and had to post. I think that guarantees some crows when I let them out tomorrow morning. We're first time chicken owners, and it has been super fun so far. Thanks for looking at my flock.

Up first are the 3 brown leghorns - feed store pullets: Lily, Jennifer and Dottie

(above) The 2 on the right of this photo are Dottie (bright comb) and Lily behind her. I am pretty sure that Dottie is a Donnie, and only posting this as a reference for the other 2 leghorns. I don't have any more photos of Dottie/Donnie, but his gender seems clear :)

This is Jennifer above - and this is Lily below - Jenn's face seem much redder than Lily's but not nearly as red as Dottie/Donnie. Will I be renaming more leghorns? Is Lily a Billy? Is Jenn a John?

a special thank you to my youngest for holding Lily and Jenn for the photos! I took a bunch earlier this afternoon and then couldn't tell them apart when I uploaded them. Ha!
Next up....3 Easter Eggers/Ameracunas (sold from the feed store as Ameracuna pullets): Nutmeg, Lil Red and Hoot. They are very sweet, not shy and come visit as soon as they see me...Treats must be coming.


Lil Red

Hoot - This one is my special chick, Hoot's beak doesn't work right so she gets some extra attention in the morning to make sure she is getting all her food.

Finally, here are the 3 mystery chicks that were hatched as a school project. They are mutts of some kind, since Peep and Shadow both have tufts/beards, but I don't know what breed . Peep and Blondie are huge birds, they've been bigger than all the others since hatching.

This is Shadow, mostly black and very hard to photograph, but (s)he does have pretty lacing on her chest.

This is Blondie - she is starting to get some light tan (best shown in the 1st photo) which at first I thought she was just dirty, but I think it is really her. She does not have tufts/beard.

This is Peep - she is very similar in coloring to Blondie, but her face has a beard/tufts.

So....Besides Dottie/Donnie - do any look roo-ish? Any ideas on my 3 mystery chicks?

thanks again! ~ Kacie


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Jun 17, 2012
Hello :)
I would wait a few more weeks and see if then they start to lay. Some of them seem to still have rather pale combs. When they are ready to lay watch out for a vibrant red comb. If still no eggs I would suspect an annoying crow :/ hope that you will begetting lots of eggs soon :)


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I see all pullets--even your leghorns. Roosters are different colored, and leghorn pullets/hens get huge red combs as they mature.
Your mystery birds look like easter eggers or ee mixes.Blondie may not have ee but I think the others do.


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I'd say Lily & Jennifer are definitely pullets. I was thinking maybe roo for Dottie until I saw donrae's post. Then I remembered that we got twenty Brown Leghorn roos last spring- can't believe I forgot! LOL They really do have different coloring/markings than the pullets, so I agree with donrae that Dottie is a pullet. :) Nutmeg, Lil Red, & Hoot are EE (not Ameracauna) pullets. Your three mystery birds all look like pullets, too. Shadow looks like an EE mix. What kind of comb does Blondie have? She 'almost' seems to have Wyandotte in her and maybe White Leghorn? Peep looks like she has EE and White Leghorn in her. I hope this helps!! :)

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Feb 28, 2012
no crows are going to come from these birds...they are all pullets!...but it may be an other month or 2 before you get any eggs...even dottie I think is a pullet!
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Aug 14, 2011
they are all pullets

a brown leghorn cockerel/cock would look like this (flock of brown leghorns)



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May 28, 2012
wow! I am thrilled beyond belief that Dottie is a she, and I am 9/9 with pullets - I was sure I was going to have multiple roos in the flock and have to rehome some andd was already gearing myself up for that. In fact, I was so convinced that the original mystery chicks were all roos that I went out and got the 6 other chicks from the feed store in the 1st place! Wait until I tell DH tonight the good news- good think we are big egg eaters.

Pioneer Chicken, Blondie has a flat smooth comb, not raised at all like the leghorns. She and Peep have always been stocky, not lean like a leghorn, and they are both very clam, not skittery like leghorns - so maybe your Wyondotte suggestion is spot on. I guess it doesn't really matter what breed mix they are. They are all lovely birds and so happy that we made them part of our home.

Thanks again :)
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