12 Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana 1 day auction - Ships Wednesday!


13 Years
Mar 22, 2007
Near Houston, TX
Hatching eggs- one of life's little miracles! This auction is for 1 dozen Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana eggs laid today and tomorrow to ship Wednesday!

I have been raising Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas for eight years. The flock we are working with currently are very solid birds with correct slate legs, pea combs, very full muffs and beards and produces birds that are suitable for exhibition. This flock also has exceptional health and vigor and very good egg color. I am breeding for longevity of my hens and these hens are 4-5 years old. Many flocks of Ameraucanas experience spent hens at age 2-3 so we are very encouraged that these girls are still productive.

Let's talk for a minute about egg color. Pullet eggs are the most blue but as a hen matures her eggs will be lighter. Also eggs laid early in a laying cycle after a molt or winter rest will be a deeper blue. While my girls eggs may not be as blue today as some others they do carry the genetics for very blue eggs. So the eggs you will see from your pullets should be very nice. Also the BIRDS that come from these eggs should be very correct.

We are TPIP certified and all of our birds are well cared for with clean housing and an excellent diet. Many BYCers have been to the farm and each one has been impressed with our flocks and our farm.

For more information about our chickens and our farm visit us at www.nonesuchfarm.net or for more eye candy visit our photobucket here: http://s150.photobucket.com/albums/s112/pasofinofarm/chickens/?albumview=slideshow

breed is accepted by the APA and is eligible to participate in their poultry shows. There is still much confusion surrounding the Ameraucana breed and hatcheries sell chickens labeled "Ameraucanas" that are not up to breed standards and not to be shown. Although there is a place for these Easter Egger chickens many people are disappointed when they find that the birds they have invested in are not what they expected. Be assured that our birds are quality Ameraucanas that meet the Standard.

Due to the time sensitive nature of hatching eggs this is a paypal only auction. Payment must be received the day the auction is won or eggs will be sold to another.




The lavender egg is for contrast only:


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