120+ Coturnix quail hatching eggs~~lots of colors~~S&H included

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Up for bids are 120+ eggs from my coturnix quail. I have several colors, though they are all in the same pen right now due to a predator problem. Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48; shipping to AK please add $3; no shipping to HI, sorry!

    In the pen I have jumbo brown (5 hens), jumbo golden (12 hens), cinnamon (2 hens), red tibetan (1 hen), rosetta tibetan (1 hen), dark tibetan tuxedo (3 hens), and white (2 hens) with jumbo brown (1), jumbo golden (2), cinnamon (1), dark tibetan tuxedo (1), white (2), and rosetta (1) males.

    So the colors and sizes are all mixed, most likely you'll get a lot of goldens since that is the most dominant color in the pen.


    Again, this is a BIN with free shipping for 120+ eggs. I'm getting about 2 dozen a day, give or take a few. I have one set to ship on Monday, or I can replace the oldest with the newest eggs daily.

    Smaller orders are available, please contact me for pricing.
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    May 29, 2010
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    Shelley has nice quail! I have 57 four week old quail that she hatched for me, and couldn't ask for better color or size!

    P.S. she has some cute button quail too! [​IMG]

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