13 day old chick, half size, loner, extremely calm not eating or drinking help

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    i have a 13 day old plymouth barred rock chick that is half the size of my other chicks. the past few days i have noticed her off by herself generally lying down. today when i went to clean out the brooder i took all of the chicks out and put them in a seperate box and all of the other chicks stepped on her so i took her out and set her in my lap. she is very calm unike the other chicks when held and just kinda falls asleep in your hand. i had all of the chicks vaccinated for Mareks at the hatchery and have had the save a chick in their water from the day i got them, they are on Dumor chick starter/grower non medicated. i was able to give her water with some dissolved food through a dropper but i have no idea what is wrong with her. i currently have her seperated in the brooder with her own food and water so she does not have to compete for it. any advice would be great. thank you.
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    Unfortunately, there is always the chance of some losses with chicks. She sounds like she has failure to thrive. You are doing all you can do. The only other thing I might do differently is to add a second feed and water station to the brooder to make sure this weakling is getting access to resources. Separating her out is likely going to distress her greatly so I don't know that that would be very helpful, but if she seems unconcerned about it, then keep doing what you are doing.

    These unthrifty chicks often die despite our best intentions, so don't get attached to it. It is human nature to always root for the underdog, but that doesn't pay off in the poultry world. It's just going to break your heart.

    Good luck.
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