13 week chicken wing bleeding won't stop - HELP advise


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
I have a Rhode Island Red she is 13 weeks old now. I am a first time chicken owner...9 other chickens

About 4 weeks ago, She was getting her new (first) blood feathers and was just moved to an outside pen (age 9 weeks then).
One of my dogs spooked her and she must have flown into an object in the pen. The dog did not get in the pen.
I noticed the blood on her side and dripping down her leg. the other chickens were all pecking at her so i got her out.

The wound is on the underside of her right wing at the outside joint.
the night this happened she did not want me holding her or messing with the wing. I did manage to see blood coming out of a perfect hole right at the joint.
This chicken bled so much i don't know how she lived. I tried to wrap the wing, she freaked out. So i ended up making a big band-aid from gauze and duct tape.
Stuck it to her wing and figured if she lived through the night it would be through the grace of God.

She survived the night and got her name GRACE. I figured i would leave the tape on and let the wound scab and heal.
Well chickens are nuts, she managed to rip the tape of after a few days and almost bled out while i was at work.
She was almost dead mouth open eyes shut, i taped her up and watered her. next morning.
Cluck Cluck...she was alive. This tape ripping, bleed out, near death thing has gone on for 4 weeks. At least 5-6 near death moments!
I am about ready to loose my mind. She is so sweet and i wish she would heal.

I read about maybe a quill is broke off at the skin level and that is like an open faucet because the feather may have been in blood mode at time of break.
I have no clue, i have tried to compare the good wing but she is nuts and won't hold still.

Some have said use super glue......etc.

I will try to post picture or link in a few minutes

I will attempt to attach a picture of the wound for advise.


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You can put cornstarch where the feather was broken off and it helps it to clot. You can also use it on their toenails if they break. Pet store sell quick-stop which is a clotting powder for animals nails. You can use it on feathers as well.
I forgot to mention, she has full motion of the joint.
I am thinking of shoving superglue in the hole and see if that stops it.

Won't do anything til i hear.

I tried the cloting powder, seems to make a scab. Then 3 days later she pulls it off and flow is same as original injury.
Thats why i think it's a quill below or at skin level.

I am at a loss. Can't spend $50 at the vet for a $2 chicken. But i am an animal lover and she is a sweet thing.
There is a powder or a stick that straight razor users use that stops bleeding. I wonder if that would work?I know it has worked on a parrot and a dogs toenail. styptic pencil is what its called. My husband got his at walgreens. Might be worth a shot.
Hi there, I would clean and dry the area the best you can then apply super glue and place a small piece of gauze or something similar over it and hold it until the glue dries, if it is bleeding to much for the glue to hold, I would try the quick stop and apply pressure as long as you can. If it is coming from a broken feather, pluck it with one quick jerk!
Hope this helps and I hope she will be ok!
i agree if you say this is coming from the center opening of the feather pluck it, then hit the pluck site with the syptic powder or cornstarch. if you still cant get the site to stop i guess you could attempt to cauterize, if you could find something small enough, maybe the tip of a butter knife. probably be best to do the last with at least two people, one to wrap her in a towel and keep her still and the other to do the deed.

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