14 week old Pullets, what to feed?


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Jan 18, 2010
Ok, this question is driving me nuts. I have searched, and read, and researched, and I still cannot come to an answer. Originally, when we were going to get 16-17 week old pullets, I figured that it might be a bit early but still ok, probably, to put them on Layena pellets straight off, but now that we're getting them earlier than planned, and they're only going to be 14 weeks old, what should we provide for them as far as feed goes?

I'm not sure I want to buy a whole big bag of starter/grower when I know 3 pullets aren't going to use it all by the time they ought to switch -- and when should I switch them, anyhow? Tractor Supply people say 10 weeks (I say that seems pretty early!), past messages here say 'not until you see that 1st egg', other people say '18 weeks' . . . what's the deal??? Driving me nuts!!!

Help! We're bringing home 3 14 week old Black Australorp pullets sometime next week and going to get their feed from Tractor Supply Co *this weekend* (because Animal Control needs to see it when they come to inspect, sigh), what should I buy?

(And what do you do with a half a bag of chick starter/grower anyway?)

Maybe we should ask the farmers who hatched them what THEY are feeding and just continue with that?

I dunno. Your advice is appreciated.



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Get 'em some Flock Raiser, or general purpose chicken feed. A fifty pound sack is no more expensive than Layena or any other layer feed. Put some oyster shell out, free choice. (I keep a tuna can nailed to the inside of the coop full of oyster shell.) You can continue to feed general purpose feed their entire lives, with the supplemental 'free choice' oyster shell. Or, you can start the layer feed once the all purpose feed runs out.


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I would use Purina Flock Raiser....it's for all ages. No worries! Just supply some crushed oyster shell so they can take it as they want once they start laying eggs.


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About the 50 lb bag also, I would try to find somebody close by who wouldn't mind splitting the bag with you. It's more economical then getting it by the lb and I have two 10 week old pullets who are doing just fine with 25 or so pounds.
good luck with your girls!

Edited to add: 50 lb or whatever the big bag there is. Here it's 50 lbs or by the pound, and I really like to keep my buisness with a local feed store so I split the bag. Next time the bag is on me though! lol!
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Jan 18, 2010
The people who are raising our pullets for us say that the pullets are now eating 'developer', which I assume is very similar to Flock Raiser.

Thanks for the help, folks, I'll buy a bag of Flock Raiser tomorrow and then when they look like finishing it, switch them to Layena (I figure, the timing ought to be about right too).

Whitewater (farm also says they are feeding our girls scratch, which they quite like, LOL!)

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