14 week old RIR Pullet or Roo?


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Fort Bragg, Ca
HELP! I guess my BO is a boy
and now I am questioning my RIR! PLEASE tell me it is a she and not a he! There is no crowing, no eggs, and no spurs.

This RIR is def a rooster...no doubt about that it's tail feathers are to glossy for a female...if I were you I would look at the vent and see if it is swollen...however some roosters do not start crowing for a few years...mine was 2 before he started crowing...
Sorry. Looks like a cockerel. This spring I was devastated when two of my hand raised no doubt in my mind pullets were roosters and to boot they became mean. If I picked them up for a weekly inspection the hackles would go up every time. Plus they would both take turns raping their own mom!!! It grossed me out...
Yep, cockerel.

edited...with your run of bad luck you might look to sex links in the future to ensure you get females. If red sex links you want chicks who are reddish or gold, not white or silver. If black sex links you want chicks that have a solid colored head, not a white spot.
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