14 weeks and not roosting...

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    My chicks were hatched at the beginning of July and are still not roosting. They had a branch in their brooder at 2 wks and raised roosts by 4 wks. They always hung out on them during the day, but huddled at night. I figured when they moved to the coop it would change. 5 weeks in the coop now and still not roosting. They're on them throughout the day, especially my one roo who has claimed the entire top roost to strut his stuff. But at night, back in a pile in one corner of the coop. Should I block off that corner? Would that encourage them to roost or would they pile elsewhere? (Two corners are against a wire mesh wall, so I doubt they'd pile in either of those. The remaining corner is under the roosts.) I'm using the deep litter method, but its kind of hard to keep it fresh when I can't remove the nightly poop in an efficient manner.

    Also, we've had a sudden cold spell (high 50's from the high 70's/low 80's). Since we're headed into fall, will they even bother roosting when its warmer to pile up?
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    Ours tend to all sleep huddled up in a pile on the floor even before it got cold at night. But they do get in their boxes at some point because theres always butt imprints in them. My bf is sure they will lay in the boxes but I'm almost sure I'm going to find the first eggs on the floor!
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    I'm definitely putting the nest boxes in the corner they're huddling in now since I assume its where they feel safest. I was waiting for a few more weeks to put them in, but I suppose I could do it now and then block the nests off. Maybe it will make them go up on the roosts for security.
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    If you want them on the roosts start to put them there when its dark. They soon get the idea this is the place to sleep. Putting the nest boxes where they sleep now will teach them to sleep in the boxes. On sleeping in the boxes. If they sleep in the boxes that is where they leave their morning dropping. This will mean the nest boxes are dirty and then the eggs.
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    Been busy with fall break and a birthday, so I haven't been spying them at night regularly. However, last night I found my SSH roo roosting on the uppermost roost (where he pretty much hangs out all day except for food and water), but scooted all the way to the end by the communal pile. Just hoping my ladies get the picture soon.

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