15 to 20 Button quail eggs ***PRE ORDERING AVALIABLE****


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Apr 12, 2007
Hey All. I just moved them into a larger aviary that my hubby built for them and they took a few days off. They are back at it. There should be 4 to 6 layed daily. $17.00 for what ever is layed through 4 days and that includes shipping and delivery conformation. A week and a half ago I hatched 28 out of 35 eggs. I had 28 hatch, 1 not develope, 2 died around day 13, my son turned off the bator for most of the afternoon before I discovered it. The temp went down to 73. The others developed and pipped but with so much activity in the bator they were rolled to much and didnt hatch. I truly didnt expect this many to hatch. I certainly dont need any more. I have TONS of different colors and a few that I am not sure what they are. I can post updated pics tomorrow but hubby has the camera today. Here are some pics of my breeders and the babies right after hatching. These run in a colony group so it is hard to say who the parents are. What is not sold this way goes to ebay. PM me if you are interested in future eggs. Also I am willing to trade eggs. Jenn



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Can you tell my why people breed button quail. Forgive my ignorance. Are they raised like we do chickens, for eggs and or meat? I have seen many posts and they are very cute, just not familiar with what they are mostly used for. Do they make good pets? Thanks.

I keep mine for just the fun and entertainment. Kinda like having a parakeet. The babies are easier since they are like chickens and will eat and drink on thier own after hatch unlike other domestic birds. I am sure you could eat their eggs but you would need a ton te get enough to eat..lol I watch mine and love the interesting little calls they make. They can be tamed but I just watch mine. You really cant eat them since they only get to be 3 to 4 inches long and a few inches tall. I use game bird feed for them and have a wonderful aviary that my hubby built for them. I have the 28 babies in a 40 gallon aquarium for now. Most of those will go to a swap that is in a few weeks. They are much quieter in general then most cage birds bud do make some very interesting sounds. I live in Iowa so I have to keep mine in the house, our winters are way to cold for them. People who live in the deep south would be able to generally keep them outside if they want. If it gets below 50 degrees at night a heat lamp would be recomended. Feel free to ask anything else. They truely are wonderful little birds. Jenn
So they are maybe the size of a finch? That is cool. I have to have some of those. And you can keep them inside like you would a parakeet? Wow. I have to look into this. Can't buy them now but maybe later.

My one experience with hatching button was a blast. At a week old the button walked under a day old orpington chick. We got a kick out of it! At hatch the button was about the diameter of a dime, and LOL, not much taller! As far as i'm concerned, I agree on the entertainment factor, they are a hoot
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They make absolutely wonderful classroom pets!! Use a big tank, set it up with the kids, hatch the eggs, watch them grow! I'm so excited about my little buttons in the bator!
I sell adults locally. There are people on the yahoo site that will ship but they are so fragile that I wouldnt want to. Jenn
I currently have a dozen plus on ebay. After that sells, I can collect. I get anywhere from 4 to 6 a day so usually takes about 3 days to collect a decent amount to send. Buttons are incubated ate 99 degrees for 15 to 18 days. I usually stop turning mine on day 14. Most of them hatch on day 17 to 18. You really cant candle them so it is just turn and see. I had 28 out of 36 hatch the last time I hatched a few weeks ago. Of course shipped do different things. I have had people with wonderful hatches and a couple with no hatches and I always offer a second batch for shipping. Sometimes I think they go through the xray machines at certain airports and that pretty much wipes out the little eggs. Send me a PM when you are interested. Jenn

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