18-24 dozen blue mottled cochin BANTAM project eggs for sale! POST #3


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Mar 12, 2008
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offered, two dozen blue mottled project eggs for sale, chicks will feather out blue or black but be split for mottled, breed your blues to mottled birds for blue motteleds and black mottleds, breed to eachother for blue mottleds and black mottleds, but you will get more blue mottled if you breed your blues to a mottled. Eggs are from the breeders pictured above i get two to three eggs a day i started collecting sunday i already have a dozen so atleast 18 will be sent most likely extras will be sent. i usually sell my dozens for 25$ so this is a steal. Bid to own, no reserve set. Winner must have paypal and pays shipping. Shipping is 14.50 for usps large priority box. Shipping is 30.00 if you want a larger box to increase your chances of safe egg arrival. no guarentees on hatchability although weve had very high fertility and hatches here. no gaurentee on safe shipment, only gaurentee is that they will leave here properly packaged and in tact. Auction ends Monday at 1:30 pm pacific time, paypal is received that night and eggs are sent tuesday morning.
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heres a better picture
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they are for a blue mottled project, i know blue mottled exists, but this is how you make them, since it will take some sort of selective breeding to end up with blue mottled from the eggs offered, it is a project. in other words, these particular eggs are project eggs, but other blue mottled cochin projects have been completed
also, blue mottled stock is not common, so some people including myself who dont mind taking the time creating the color themselves find it easier than having to locate good blue mottleds.
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no, i dod not interpert you as pestering, thanks, hopefully i can get these to sell, ive had great luck with them, out of the 20 or so ive hatched i think ive had 5roos, all the blues were hens

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