18 and 8 week olds intergrated seeming well :)

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ShaggysGirl, Oct 14, 2009.

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    May 24, 2009
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    HI Guys,
    After having my 26 8 week olds in a coop and run next to my 11 18 week old ones for 5 weeks, We first let them share the opened run a day, the big ones quickly encroached upon the younger ones coop and ate all their food and drank the water. Last night we reclosed the run with both sets on the big coop side. At night the big ones put themselves to bed but we had to chase down the 26 lil ones... man what a work out.. I should of had the grandkids here .... lol
    This am all seemed good when the pop door opened the older ones all went out except my one rooster who is 2nd in command so to say. I think he has adopted the younger ones as his flock [​IMG]
    Right now it is raining and they all are in the coop being lazy.
    Knock on wood all seems well [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Now to introduce the 5 week old polish to the small coop [​IMG]
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    That's awesome! Keep watching them, but it's a wonderful feeling to have peace amongst the different age groups.

    I was able to integrate 2 week olds, 5 week olds, and 8 week olds without any problem. And i am VERY grateful! [​IMG]
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    If there is some way you could lock the new ones in the coop for a few days, they will learn where home is and go in on their own. Otherwise, they'll want to go to their old coop for a while. That does not help with the integration issues though if you have to lock out the older birds. I'd only do this if you have a wire enclosure in there that can handle that many chickens so the two flocks can still se each other.

    Another way may be to lure them in with food just before bedtime then lock them all in. Don't do it too early, because locking the old and new in "small" quarters for very long could cause them to start pecking. I'd think they'd start sleeping in there on their own after three or four nights of doing this.

    Another possible way is to let them have access to their old coop. After they go to bed, move them to the new coop with as little light and commotion as possible and set them on their new roosts. They should get the idea after a few days. This should be easier than chasing them in.

    Any way you do it, you might expect some squabbling as they decide who gets to sleep where. The dominant will sleep higher and at the best locations.

    Good luck! Glad to hear it has started successfully.

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