18 day old chick respiratory issue. Gasping and weak.


7 Years
Oct 7, 2014
A dozen chicks hatched at the beginning of the month. Some from shipped eggs, some not. The chick in question is definitely bantam and most likely cochin. I just noticed the breathing issues today.

A video

The chick is gasping pretty constantly and gets real weak and tired often. The breathing isn't loud, wet or crackly. Very quiet and I might have felt a rattle but I'm not really sure. All the other birds, chicks, chicken and duck, look fine so far. I can't separate them at the moment since I have only one heat lamp but I should be able to separate tomorrow.

The brooder is outside. The chicks sleep in a wire cage with bath towels at the bottom to protect their feet from the wire. The towels are flipped over to the clean side once in the morning then replaced with a completely clean towel the next morning. They have a heat lamp and are protected from the elements. I live in Florida so not too cold yet and not particularly wet recently either.

During the day for the last week or so they go into a run set up for them. The run is moveable and usually placed in a grassy area. They have been eating medicated chick starter since they have been in contact with the soil and I'd rather prevent coccidiosis than to treat it like I did with my last chicks a few years ago. Probiotics and electrolytes where being added to the water until a few days ago.

What is this? Some kind of pneumonia or gapeworm? I can only assume it can affect my whole flock. Any medication recommendations? Or other advice?

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