18 month GLW hen does not lay eggs

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    May 27, 2012
    I hatched some GLW eggs in March 2012 and got two hens, one has beautiful dark lacing ( Goldilocks) and the other is quite ordinary looking, they both started laying around October last year, layed for nearly a month and then Goldilocks went broody in the wool bale full of clean straw I use for their nest box, I managed to break her out of it after about a week and have been waiting for her to start laying ever since - 9 months. I know when my orpington girl goes broody she takes about three weeks to lay again, what is wrong with my GLW, I have wormed her to eliminate this as a problem, feed them sunflower seed treats because I heard that can encourage laying, I have seen all the other girls have their winter moult and they have just begun laying again hoping that she would too after the shortest day passed, her comb is deep red like the laying girls and has been all along, they do free range in the day but our yard is not overly huge that I would not find a large pile of eggs when attending to day to day activities outside in the garden. She is also often on the outer from the group, and is definitely at the bottom of the pecking order when I feed them treats/scraps. Do some hens just not produce, my husband says if she doesn't lay she will need to go, but she has the most beautiful dark gold lacing that one day I would like to breed from her but not if her offspring will be sparse layers.

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