18% protein for 22-day-old chicks?????

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    May 31, 2009
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    Today, my parents went to the feed store to get chick starter while I was in theatre class. When they picked me up, I was already irritated because a) it was the hottest day since I was in nursery school a year old, b)I didn't get the part I wanted, and they instead gave it to a little stuck-up first grader, and c) Everyone looked at me like I started cussing and throwing things about when I talked to my counselor Christie about my part (she said anyone could come talk to her if they had an issue or question. Did they even know what the heck a tumor was?
    Anyhow, I came home and went to see the feed they bought. The bag said "18% protein medicated chick crumbles". [​IMG]

    Can someone please tell me, does my mom need some chicken knowledge, or am I just hot today???
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    That is fine. Most starter/grower combination feeds are 18%.

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