1male + 1 female chick and our rooster, when can i put the little ones with him?


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Apr 24, 2013
hi everyone,

today is my first time on this forum,i hope you can help me find out what to do for the best...

we have 1 rooster and 4 chickens of our own,but now we have been given birds,the first one is an 11mnth young rooster sussex,he has been with us a month now,and has his own coop

2 days ago we got a male and a female chick,also sussex,they were bought at easter and have now been with us for 2 days,they allready have some feathers and today i have put them in a bigger area so they can be out in the sun,they are very timid,i think they have never been out of this hutch

now i would like to put these 3 birds together,but what is the best way to go about that and when is a good time to do so?

is it a good idea to have them closer to the rooster Jochie already,seperated by the coops but so that they can see eachother?

please help me,this is my first stint as a chickenmum,the others were already 6 months old when they arrived (now nearly 4 yrs old)and that was very easy,and their rooster arrived 3 months ago and it took one night inside their coop seperated by some wire and they are absolutly fine..... but with these little chicks it all seems to be a bit more involved and i dont want to stress them unneccesarily

i hope someone can help us move to our new home

thank you for reading,hope someone can help me??
kind regards,laudreriechickens,Carole
this is Jochie,
Welcome. I always like seeing new members from all over the globe.

You could try now but keep an eye on them. If you wait till the youngest cockerel is bigger they'll surely fight with only 1 female.
You really don't have enough hens for 3 roosters. Chances are they'll fight, a lot.

Roosters that grow up together can get along but once a small number of females are introduced there is trouble.
You need about 10 hens per roo.
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thank you for your reply...

i was afraid of that!!10 chickens sounds like a lot!!and at the moment i havent really got the money to buy them in one go,they cost around 8 euro's apiece here...

what if i can get 3 more hens on sundaymarket (no earlier possibilty),or does that not help?how does that work having all different ages put together?is that oke?

(if neccesary i could get rid of the little rooster,
not sure i want 30 chickens and then more and more!!!)

am i right in thinking i should have the little ones so that the rooster can see them but not get to them?and aim to have them all in one space in about two weeks from now?will they be old enough and it will be warm enough for them to stay out??

at the moment the nights are still not warm enough,i think,so i am bringing the little ones in after 4 oclock and they go out at 11.

sorry,that is a lot of questions,i am just a bit panicked,i want to know what to do and do it well for the little things,

we also have 3 chicks of our own,1 white,2 mixed,but they are only 5 and 7 days old now,so i am hoping to be able to move them into the hutch in 2 weeks and then move them on....

i would be very gratefull for anymore information,thank you so much

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