1st chick died :( Don't know why...

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May 26, 2009
The chicks are about 3 days old. The baby chick was very weak and sleepy. We would pick her up and she would only slightly respond. So we tried dipping the beak in the water to make sure she was hydrated and tried to encourage eating. Then she was gargling up bubbles and liquid. Once she died all the liquid came out her mouth. We don't know what caused it. If anyone has an idea... we want to save the rest!

Sorry to hear about your little chickie! It sounds like maybe she had too much liquid in the end and drowned. She was probably just one of those chicks that wasn't going to make it anyways. Some chicks just fade away in the first few days. It happens for many many reasons. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is snuggle your remaining chicks and let them comfort you.
Sorry for your loss.

Try not to worry to much it happens sometimes. Stress of shipping or even hatching can do it. It might have had an interenal problems that you could not see. I do not think it was anything else so you should be OK with the other. Watch them to be sure but if all are eating and drinking and you are not seeing any others like that one I would say it was just that one.

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