1st Day with Chickens!!

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    Last night we brought home 6 chickens. Click on my website to see the pictures bringing them home and the coop that they now get to call home!!

    This morning all the kids were up by 8:00 (unheard of) we homeschool and live on my husband's work schedule, so no need to get school started too early! Anyhow, we went to see how they faired through the night, and they seemed to do well. I had to show them where the pop door was, we have a playhouse that we converted to chicken coop, so we use a window for the pop door. After I finally got 5 out into thier pen (8x8) the sixth one jumped right up and went out to join them. It was raining rather hard here just over the passed hour, I had went to check if they went back in the coop, they hadn't. The pen is covered with a ceiling and the birds were just wandering around eating the tomatoes the kids gathered from the garden for them this morning. The birds are very nervous and the kids are so excited to have chickens! I had them take turns going into the pen with me to hold a chicken, they all had to have a turn!!! The kids did really well, as did the chickens, the buff orpingtons calmed right down when I picked them up and let the kids hold them for a minute, the Silver Laced Wyandotte's don't want to be picked up, and the Australorps, they rather would be away from us for the time being too. Here are a few pictures of the kids and the chickens and thier first morning together.

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    You have a very nice set up and it looks like an "all hands" operation going on lol. I know the kids cant wait to get their first eggs.

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