1st Duckling hatched


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Nov 29, 2010
Here's my first duckling to hatch is the yellow gooey bit in the pic ok?

here;s a second pic there's thin cord attached and it dragging the shell around with it is this normal?
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Well done.. I bet you cant wait to get the little one out of the incubator for a first cuddle. They are so cute when they are all so new and still wobbly.

The left over gooey bit is waste and egg white, its very normal. The cord is the last of the veins joining the duckling to the egg. It will in time dry up and the duckling will be able to break away from the egg. Dont be tempted to cut it though - as sometimes there can still be blood in it.
yep...exciting process to observe.

They exit wet and sticky....always let them dry on their own. A day sometimes. The cord dries and breaks when its time. The duckling will drag the shell around until that happens. do not help.
Let her/him dry off...and once they ARE dry, then get your magifying glasses and sex the critter gently and see what you got.

"life is like a box of duck eggs....you never know what you're gonna get"
Fern Gump

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