1st Egg Soft Shell!!

Alte Vogel

8 Years
May 18, 2011
S.E. Alabama
My 5 girls are all about 25 weeks and of course I have been waiting for them to produce my 1st egg. Well, my EE, Lucy, was 1st to produce. Today she laid a small soft shell egg with a hole in one end.

Why is this? Am I feeding her wrong? They have free access to oyster shell and layer feed.
My girls started laying in November at about 6 months.
8 chicks, a surprise package from Ideal, 3 pairs of layers,
1 pair of pretty. Shells have been heavy duty from the start.

Today, an egg with no shell. First time. Heavy duty membrane, no shell.
What the hey? Happens I guess.

Few hours later...a yolk. No shell, no membrane, no white.
Just a yolk lying in the straw

Now that's weird.
Don't worry - it happens. Just scramble the egg up and feed it back to her. She'll enjoy the treat. Or you can use them the same day they are laid. The pullet will get past it within a week or so - mine did.

Here's Snow White's latest eggs - the two white ones on the left. She was laying softshells the 2nd week after she started - but with oyster shell & layer feed she adjusted and now lays beautiful white eggs.


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