1st full day with chickens - I'm in love!


May 8, 2015
Hi, everyone! I'm Leigh, a homeschooling mom in Virginia... who has always talked a big talk about "one day" owning chickens... A friend just called me on it and gave me 3 chickens to start my own little brood. After converting a dog-house into a coop and building my own run, we pick up the girls yesterday and are in love. Henrietta (doesn't everyone need a Henrietta?!) is a 10 month old barred rock (we think!) and Ruby and Copper are 12 week old RIRs. Weird little brood to start off with, but we're excited! Henrietta wasn't too stressed with the move and gave me my first egg today!

I'm learning so much on the boards... poop trays and deep litter... I had no idea there was so much out there to learn! I'm excited about learning more, and I'm thankful that y'all are here to help me through it all!
Thanks - she is being pretty mean. We've put in extra food and water in separate locations, and we're letting them free range as much as we can to give the little girls a break. It's not constant, but Henrietta does push them away from the food and water if she wants to be near it.

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