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Mar 7, 2008
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This is my first time hatching chicks. I have 13 eggs in the incubator, one is almost white, 1-2 a light brown and the rest are darker brown.

I have candled the white and light brown ones and have seen veins and even something move on occasion. In the darker brown ones - I can't see anything. None of them smell bad.

So I assume I leave them all in when I take the turner out.

I am thinking about taking the hatched chicks out after 2 or 3 days in the incubator.

Assuming chicks will start hatching around day 21, around what day would it be "safe" to give up on the ones that are not hatching for whatever reason?

Since this is my first time, I really don't expect a 100% hatch rate but I have no idea how long I should wait for any late hatchers.

I would be thankful for any suggestions.
I might try also to find a better flashlight before the last candling on day 18.....
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darker eggs will be harder to candle... check the sizeof the air cell, shine light at the big end and see if it is changing...

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