1st Time Incubating. Important Question.


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
Western Maine
Usually I buy chicks but this year decided to try and hatch some eggs myself. To make a long story short. The eggs (6 of them) are on their 20th day. Not being turned. There is a smell and I don't know if it's from a chick starting to hatch or a rotten egg. There is one egg that has a liquid stain under it. So is it hatching? Spoiled? Getting ready to explode? I did candle them on day 14 and everything seemed ok. Maybe I missed one that wasn't developing?

Thanks, Gary
I'm a newbie, and have only hatched twice, but I have never had anything oozing out of an egg. I'd wait for someone more knowledgeable, but I think you have a bad egg! I've never noticed a strong smell while hatching. Hope someone with more knowledge speaks up.

If you decide to remove the egg. I'd take a sandwich bag and place it around the egg very carefully before moving it. You don't want it to pop on you or your other eggs.

Good luck!
Well, chicks usually don't smell stinky when they're hatching.....Chances are the the seeping egg is rotton, so quickly remove that egg and close the incubator so you don't lose your humidity. You could spray a quick mist of warm water into the incubator if you want as you're removing the egg.....

Good luck with your hatch!
If you have one that is oozing take it out its ready to explode. Be very careful cause it could explode when you pick it up. Good eggs dont smelll or ooze. and they wont ooze anything when hatching.

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