1st time with broody hen, questions

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    Apr 4, 2009
    We have a couple white rocks that randomly go broody and since our egg selling is taking off we wanted to hatch a few more....it just took one day of me placing all the eggs collected in one of the 2 spots for her to go broody, and she's sitting on them...(started yesterday)

    (background: we have 22 layers, 1 rooster, 4 nest boxes. Maybe 6-8 use the nests and the others all flutter over into "our" supply side of the coop and lay behind the table we have our water barrel on, or beside the table.)

    So my question is: How do I keep the other hens off the broody one? I did mark the eggs, but I've gone in a couple times today and she was squawking and another one was in her space. She was pecking them but they weren't budging. They've always done this...sometimes I go in and 4 are on top of each other in one box...with 3 free ones....I don't really have anywhere to move her, plus wasn't sure if that would bother her. Do I just let them keep laying on top of her?

    Also, Its going to get pretty cold for a few days, that's okay right? Her heat keeps them warm enough?

    And one more...I was reading on another thread that some put food and water right near broody ones....is that something i should do? I have been sprinkling some food near today and last night.

    Thanks in advance...I'm new to hatching out- never done it by incubator or hens!
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    Quote:[​IMG] This is driving me up a wall also.. I have a chick setting now, and another chick with 8 little ones, now she wants to take her brood over and set on that nest instead of her own..

    When I'm near and hear the noise I go in and run her back to her side but she's stubborn, and it takes a little while to get her to settle down where the little ones bunch up under her... [​IMG]

    In my case I'm thinking about going ahead and putting her in with the rest of the clan on the other side, but I'm little fearful of a big turkey landing on a little one when it flys down from roosting.

    During the day I let them all free range..

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