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Jun 24, 2010
Okay it is day 21. The night of day 21, actually. Out of my 17 eggs that were healthy looking at day 16, not one has hatched or even looks like it wants to hatch.
I am sure nervous since I am doing this in a kinder classroom. What do you think I should do? Or, I guess the question is, how long should I wait? I sure don't want any exploding eggs, but don't want to hurt a healthy late bloomer either. Help!!!
Welcome to both of you!!

Ok, for your question. Get a brite penlight. one that has a single , strong LED. Carefully and gently, in a dark room.. except the light of your flashlight. pick up each egg. Hold the light directly on the egg's big end.. straight down into the egg. You should see 2 things if it should hatch at this point. First, get an egg that is fresh, not in the incubator yet.. use one of your fridgerator eggs.. familiarize yourself with what your looking for. in a store bought/ chill box egg.. you'll see a small air pocket at the top of the big end..and verything else will lokk sort of see through and maybe there will be alternating swirls of a shade darker than the shell going around the inner shell.
Now, pick up the egg. Sometimes you will hear little tapping sounds and maybe if you make litle soft short whistles, you'll hear peeping back. Put that one back! LOL
The other's should have a LARGE air pocket and thelower part ULTRA dark. Can't see into it. and possibly movement on the membrane up into the air pocket. this is a good thing. put that one down.
If you can see colour of the light all the way through, that's no good. If its dark and has a small air pocket, be careful.. you have a rotten egg bomb.. It's like handling old dynamite. it could possibly go off any second..carry it carefully and quickly AWAY from the incubator.
Same applys if you picked it up and it smells like, well, a rotten egg.
each hatch will get easier and easier as you develop mpore experience in doing this. I hope I helped.
Oh yeah, when you candle eggs.. Don't leave the top off for the entire duration. Have a warmed dish with hand towl folded next to the bator.. Place a few egss on it. close the lid and check those.. put the good ones back and before you take out your hand, make sure you have another egg in it.. don';t waste heat or time. this job needs to be done quickly and efficiently without stressing the remaining live eggs..
Good Luck!
Thanks so much! I will try what you suggested. Keep fingers crossed! God bless!
I also incubate eggs at school. Don't worry, give it a few days. You may be surprised tomorrow when you walk in to your room and see a few chicks walking around. If worse comes to worse, tell the kids they hatched over the weekend and you had to send them to the farm. That's my line for my prekinder kids...
Its only day 21, they can be late especially if the temps ran a bit cool. I wouldn't open the incubator quite yet, there could be pips out of view and the decrease in humidity could cause shrink wrapping.

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