2/3 of guineas took off... Anybody know why?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by tom123002, Mar 22, 2016.

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    Mar 22, 2016
    So I got 9 guineas last fall raised them and keep them cooped all winter I let them start free rangeing last weekend they stayed around the house and would go back to the coop every night on their own everything was going perfect until the following weekend I go out and I only see 3 I walk all around looking andi see no sign of them then me neighbor calls from 2 houses down and says 6 of my guineas are over there I check on them they seem fine so I leave them thinking they will come back hours later another neighbor calls who is between me and the original neighbour who called and said they are in his yard so I think good they are working thier way back I check on them again they seem fine a couple more hours pass and it's getting close to sun down they still aren't back so I go looking for them to chase them home looked for hours couldn't find them anywhere after dark my farther away neighbor calls says they can hear them in the trees by their house so I wake up the next morning which was Monday go to work and decide when I get home I'll go find them and try to bring them home when I get home one has come back the other 5 are nowhere to be found I looked for hours and came up empty... Can anybody help explain why they did this? The weirdest part was the ones who stayed home didn't call out or even act as though they missed the others at all.. I was never sure of my ratio of males to females but the only thing I can think is I had too many males and not enough females so the males who lost the battle for the hens took off in search of a mate? They used to squall all the time all day every day now since the 5 are gone they seem happy and quiet or content if you will.. Anybody ever experienced this before?

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