2 batches of hens about 3 weeks apart..Need help


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Apr 14, 2012
I have 12 hens but they are grouped in 2 groups of 6. The first set of hens are about 3 weeks older than the younger ones and have been out in their run for about a full week now. I tried to introduce my second set today and it seemed as though one of my hens kept attacking them when they moved out of the corner of the run. They are a slight bit smaller than the older hens and I did remove them after about half an hour of this since it was starting to rain. Was this ok to do and when should I try to introduce them to them again? I just want them to be a happy flock but I cant stand to hear them scream because of that one hen constantly attacking them.. Please help thank you!
Next time remove the aggressor and allow the younger birds in with the other 5. Do not reintroduce her until the others are getting along - a matter of days not hours. There will always be turmoil when merging flocks. As long as they are able to eat and drink and no blood is being drawn they will eventually work things out. The chicken social order is not always a pretty thing.
Thank You I will give that a try :) I just want them to be happy hens ... i know there is a pecking order but wow never knew it was so harsh lol!! But hopefully removing her for a time out will do her some good :)

Well I tried to put my new chicks in with the older ones today and while I was doing this I did leave the aggressive one in there just to make sure i got the correct one... after she started really picking on the little ones I picked her up and held her for a while so they could get used to the non aggressive ones first. Then I put her in the pen beside the run so that she didnt get completely lonely and let her sit like that for about an hour and placed her back into the pen to see what she did. She still did pick a tiny bit but nowhere near what she did last week. I am happy to say that they have all been together in the pen now for about 5-6 hours and seem to be somewhat happy .... Thanks sourland for your info! Removing her helped me a lot! :)

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