2 broody hens at the same time


10 Years
Sep 22, 2012
I need to separate my broody hens from the rest of the flock. I have 2 hens broody at this time. Should I put them in the same broody pen or separate them from each other? One is a Sussex, 2nd time with 2 successful chicks in the spring. One buffington hen, first timer
That’s not real easy to answer. Personally I let my broodies hatch with the flock. Lots of people separate them like you are talking about. There is no right way or wrong way about this stuff, just the way we do it. And we get results all over the place.

Many people on this forum have broodies that work together, sharing a nest and raising the chicks together. Occasionally one broody doesn’t want to work together and starts a fight with the other over control of the eggs or chicks. Sometimes two broodies will bond with their own chicks and ignore the others. Sometimes one broody will try to kill the other broody's chicks. Someone said their broodies were doing great on separate nests, but when one broody started to hatch, the other abandoned her eggs to go to the chicks. Like I said, results all over the place.

My only negative story with a broody hatching with the flock was when a different hen went broody a couple of days before the first one was supposed to hatch. When those chicks started internal pip and were chirping inside the eggs, the new broody fought the old broody for the eggs. They broke several viable eggs. That was not a problem with the flock or with a regular hen. That was a problem with another broody hen.

If you keep your two together, they might work together or ignore each other. Both happen. But if you have the facilities I’d suggest keeping them separate until they bond with their own chicks.

Good luck and yes, there is some luck involved.

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