2 calls shared nest! Success! 5 baby calls


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5 Years
Feb 27, 2014

They are the cutest things I've ever seen. They hatched yesterday morning. I looked in there house and three of the smallest ducks of I've ever seen were there. There was one under my snowy call that had just hatched and the last was about to hatch. I waited forever it seemed.i could only see the bill, but the membrane was still over it. My white call crystal scared me and I screamed! She jumped up and starting pecking the egg. I broke the membrane for it and saw it take a big breath. I waited two more hours again to allow the yoke to absorb and crystal pecked at the egg again. I peeled the rest off and allowed the bottom to remain on the duc
[/IMG][/IMG]k until it got it off. She was really weak and had a pea size hole in her belly which totally freaked me out! She absorbed it and no hole today. It's amazing how they fluff up tho!!!
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