2 Chicks die in Incubator

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    Apr 22, 2011
    Has anyone had this happen? I had 3 chicks hatch on Day 23. I left the chicks in the incubator because everyone says that's safer for the eggs that might be hatching (I had 4 more that did not end up hatching), but about 30 hours after hatch, 2 of the chicks died. None of the 3 had dried out by the evening of the first day and I was conflicted about what to do, but I decided that it was better to leave them alone. The next morning, 2 of the 3 were dead. There isn't/wasn't anything physically wrong that I could see, they had seemed active and healthy the night before. Is it possible for the humidity to be too high for hatched chicks (maybe the reason they weren't drying out?). Anyone know anything about this? I'm just so sick over it... But I am extremely happy that I have one seemingly healthy chick left. Also, any recommendations for where to by hatching eggs? I'm looking for Blue Cochins. 1/2 of the eggs that I ordered never developed, and of course they don't give refunds because it could have technically been my fault. However, they never even began to develop and the shells on almost all of the eggs I received were very porous and just overall didn't look very good. [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone might have!

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    you do not mention what the humidity was, so I cannot say if it was too high.. but my gut feeling is that it was not too high..

    30 hours is a long time for late arrivals.. you need to understand that opening the hatcher is not automatically dangerous for unhatched eggs... It is only dangerous for PIPPED eggs..

    just a tip.. hatch some less expensive eggs for practice..

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