2 chicks hatched...3 more eggs..how long?

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Oct 2, 2010
We found two chicks yesterday morning...one that was very newly hatched and one that looked like maybe it had hatched the day before (was very active and fluffy) There are 3 other eggs under her and I'm wondering how long till they hatch IF they are going to. She's still sitting there so I'm not interfering but I'm wondering what to do and when. Can you tell it's my first time?
It sounds as if everything is going normal at this point for your hen and chicks. I currently have a hen working on her third day of a hatch. Every time I think the eggs are done, another one starts with the pipping and the peeping. It's my understanding that the chicks can go for 48 hours before they need Momma hen to take them for food and water. I would definitely give yours another day. Chicks fluff up and get active fairly quickly, so your 'older' one might just be a few hours older than the newly hatched chick.

Do you have chick starter feed for them?

Hopefully a more experienced user than me will weigh in with their expertise and give you more reassurance.
Yes, they have starter and the mama pretty much left the nest yesterday. No other eggs hatched. ; ( I had so hoped to have more. Thanks for your input. Next time I'll know a little more about what to expect.

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