2 Chicks in 1 egg???


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
How can you tell if there is 2 chicks in 1 egg, candled last night on day on day 12 and in 1 egg i could see 2 black shadows where as in the other eggs i only see 1. The egg is not very clear to candle as its dark but i definatelly see 2 shadows, i checked and double checked just to make sure i was seeing right.
I am a bit concerned there might be 2 chicks in this 1 egg and i know from reading on here that its not a good thing as they don't normally make it.
Yes i did see that, i think she was a member from here also. I came across her thread last week.
Anyone that can tell me what i'm supposed to be seeing in the egg or not seeing?
Definatelly post pics if i do get that far with it. I have heard that normally they don't make it, will just have to wait and see what happens.
Does anyone know what i am supposed to be seeing if there is 2 chicks in the egg??. I think i can see 2 dark blobs and in the other eggs i am seeing 1.

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