2 dead turkey chicks and 1 weak and might be dying


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Mar 17, 2008
Northern NY
We just got some 2-3 week old turkey chicks a couple days ago. They have been freaking out and we've been dipping their beaks in the water. Last night they were still active but when I checked them today two were dead under the light and the other one looks like it will probably die also. It is very weak, wobbly, keeps shaking its head, can't keep its eyes open, wings are drooped, and can't stand up but a couple seconds. We had them in a huge box with a light at one end, with turkey starter (non-med), and a bowl of water. I don't know if they haven't been eating or what since they run through the food so it's hard to tell if it has been eaten or not. I don't think this chick is going to make it but I'm wanting to know if anyone has any ideas of what could cause them to die. They seemed healthy acting yesterday. We did move them into a bigger box. I'm going to keep trying to get fluids into it but I don't know about food cause it seems to weak that I don't want it to die while trying to force feed it.
How hot is your brooder. Check your temp....They made just either be tooo hot or too cold.

Also....I scramble eggs and add onions to perk appetite. At their age, you may well have the temp too hot.

What were they eating before???? It may be that they don't like your food. I always feed medicated starter.

Where did you get them from?

Hope this goes better for all of them. I'm praying for you.
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You really do need to put some time into watching them and seeing who's eating, who's drinking, who's not. etc. Just seeing that food is gone unfortunately won't do it. Some will eat it all others won't get a bite.

As far as the heat goes, what's the temp in there. I highly recommend the little inexpensive stick-on thermometers for reptiles that you get from petstores. Also watching the birds - where do they hang out? Under the light, away from it, etc?

I'd also recommend the turkey section, as well as adding some boiled egg yolk (and don't let it there all day). Incidentally, I always start my turkeys on non-medicated game starter.

I think however the most important thing is actually spending an hour and watching them when you first put the food in and seeing what's going on with eating and drinking.
The turkey died shortly after posting this. I'm not sure what the temp. was since we weren't expecting to be given some or we would of had a thermometer. I held my hand under the light and it was warm but not to hot to burn and not cool. We had them in a 2ft. long X 2ft. wide box with a light at one end. We used the same light before for the our first turkeys and baby chicks. Had food and water at the other end of the box. Also had some organic grass for them to eat. Put clean newspaper down when they needed it. Heard somewhere that turkeys get sick if they eat some of their poop. They had been outside quite a bit before we got them. We were going to make a pin for them to put them outside during the day when it was warm since I know they liked insects since one had a caterpillar in its mouth when we got them. Used the same kind of turkey started. I don't know if being in a new enviroment freaked them out or what.
DO THEY HAVE GRIT? The absence of grit could be causing the grass to become impacted in their lil crops... Keep us posted!!!

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