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    1. Hello and thank you all inadvance for reading this post.

      As I have just purcahsed hatching eggs off ebay. I set my incubator up 3 days ago and just set the eggs yesterday. I am getting 2 different readings on humidity. My little giant still incubator is reading humidity at 51% my new digital thermometer and humitdity reader is saying humidity is at 39% but the temp is the same on both whcich one do I go by ? As the humidity reader is inside the incubator and the little giant still incubator reader is on top of the eggs.

      Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you
  2. Since you have eggs going currently, there are not a lot of options to calibrate things. So for now I would average the readings. Luckily humidity is totally fine to be within a pretty broad range when compared to temperature. Shoot for it to read between 20-40% when averaged.
    When this hatch is done, Google the "Salt test" for calibrating the digital thermometer/hygrometer for next time.

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