2 Dozen Mixed Large Fowl hatching eggs with Pure BLRW


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Up for grabs again is a set of 2 dozen mixed hatching eggs that will include eggs from all Large Fowl. These are NOT ALL pure bred eggs, but the chances of getting show quality BLRW's are excellent as mine come from some of the nicest non-hatchery/ private breeder bloodlines. The crosses will include eggs from BLRW, GLW, BR, Silver Laced Brahmas, EE's, OE's and Ameraucana hens and one buff orpington with 2 pure Top quality BLRW roosters over them. If your only interested in a gorgeous group of large egg layers this is a great batch for you. Many of the eggs I get are huge. THESE ARE ORGANIC FREE RANGING chickens for those worried about chemicals or by products. I recently hatched a set of these, ended up with a 95% hatch rate, one was a late quitter. I had 100% fertility. I got 1 pure blue, and 2 pure splash of the batch I threw in the incubator this is 3/6 brown eggs incubated. If you're interested in silkies with a polish roo over them, I have 2 silkie hens in with the polish and could add those eggs as well otherwise they will be left out.
I pack VERY carefully but I cannot guarantee the eggs after they get to the post office. The chance for the purebreds alone make it a good deal. There are 6 BLRW hens laying right now. I get 9-12 eggs per day so they will be will be extremely fresh when they ship. I pack very carefully, but I cannot be responsible for damage done by the post office! IF you end up with loose airsacs, it is best to allow them to remain upright for a few days, they can occasionally correct themselves.

Here are some of the parents:







Thanks for looking!!!
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Oo! I want these.. too bad they would not make it in time for my set date this weekend since the auction ends in 5 days! Too bad you don't live closer or I'd come get them.

I'd hold off, but I've got other eggs coming in that the bators are warmed up for. I'll get these eventually!

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