2 eggs a day?

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    I only have 1 hen. Sometimes I think she lays 2 eggs a day.
    I let them out yesterday to forage, they were out most of the day and into the evening, I shut the door when it got dark. I checked the coop for eggs while they were out. No eggs. I checked her 'other' nest in my flower bed, no eggs.
    Then I just let them out to free range about 20 minutes ago and there were 2 eggs in the nest box.
    Do they lay 2 eggs a day? I think it seems weird, but she hasn't been laying for the last few days and then there were 2.

    We went out of town from Fri-Sun night. I checked for eggs Friday before I left, and there was 1 I think. Then when we got home Sunday, I walked out with the flash light and checked to make sure they were okay, as no one came to check them. Sunday night I found an egg in the middle of the run in the mud. I thought it was strange, but I got it. Then went out Monday morning to check, and there were no eggs. Then no eggs until today.

    I think the rooster is going through a molt right now, hes lost his whole tail, so she could be following suit. I also know that slows/stops egg production.

    Does this happen to other people?
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    At one time I had 2 hens that were "Pearl Leghorns" (don't know how that is any different from the plain ol' White Leghorn). During the first year or so that I had them, they laid 5 eggs every 2 days. Both of the hens laid an egg every morning, then one of them would lay another egg every other afternoon.

    But your bird is being really creative with her timing!

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