2 eggs now nothing for 2 days.


5 Years
Sep 13, 2014
Western Washington
I have 4 light brown leghorns, one just started laying 4 days ago. First egg the first day was healthy, 2nd egg the second day was very soft and I could put a dent in the shell with a small touch. Now nothing for the last 2 days. Wondering if this is common for first time layers. They are free range during the day, are put in coop at night, have mealworms snacks, oyster shell in separate dish, plenty of food and fresh water.
It can take up to a month for the old egg machine to get tuned in...until then you may see some weird eggs.
Free rangers may also lay out in their range area instead of in the nest.
Not all chickens lay an egg every day, especially when they are just starting to lay.

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