2 fertile eggs under my broody........questions!

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    I have 2 hatching eggs under my very broody Ameraucana hen.
    Today is day #14...........
    This is my first experience with this process, so I have a couple questions, please....................
    1. Do eggs 'always' hatch on day #21, or is there a 'window' of time when they will hatch???
    3. If eggs haven't begun to hatch by what day do I become worried? (Day 22? Day 23?)
    3. Once the zipping process begins, how long can it take for chick to hatch out?
    4. When to help out? Or do I just let nature take it's course?
    Thanks so much

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    someone please reply
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    Feb 11, 2010
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    good morning gabby~~its saturday; if the weathers good, most chicken people are outside
    [​IMG] raining here, so you're stuck with me

    1. no, eggs don't always hatch on day 21; some hatch on day 19, others hatch on day 24; so...leave yours be until [​IMG] brings [​IMG] out to eat
    2.no need to worry at all; if they're meant to hatch they will
    3.usually from pip to zip is less than 24 hours
    4.you don't help out....you DO make sure the hen and chicks have a safe environment, that food and water are nearby

    Good luck, and be patient......[​IMG] happen everyday

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