2 girls with something wrong with their vent in the same day! Please Help!

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    I'm very new to raising chickens. I am a first time chicken owner. My girls are about 7 months old. About 3 days ago, I was watching them run around, and noticed that two of them were being pecked at by the others. They were missing feathers around their vents and right above the vent was some sort of bloody protrusion. I isolated both of them each in their own separate crate. The two girls seem to still be full of energy and are still laying eggs, although the eggs now seem to have a chalky feel to the touch. They are eating and drinking, but have also lost a lot of weight. I was not sure how to treat them but a feed store told me to try putting preparation H on. I have been giving them warm baths as well. It almost looks like it is oozing as well, on one of them. Could it be vent gleet? Can anyone help me? I have posted some graphic photos of each of them.The first picture was on the first day, the second, and third picture are from the day after.



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    Welcome to BYC. They both may have had a small prolapse that was pecked at by other chickens, or they also could have just been attacked by another chicken at the vent. That can be a common place for feather picking. Some chickens have little prolapses that pop out and go back inside on their own, and any redness visible will attract pecking. I would keep them separate for a few days while healing. Aside from treating the way you are doing, I would make sure that your chicken have plenty of room, and can get outside as soon as it is daylight. Boredom, crowded conditions, and being fed less than 16% protein in the diet may promote picking. Also look at the area under the vent for any signs of lice or their eggs. Spend some time with them, and if anyone is bullying others, I would separate them for a week or so to lower their place in the pecking order. Here is a good link on prolapsed vent and one on feather picking:
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