2 hatching with problems ???

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    Apr 28, 2011
    Hello Everyone,

    So I am on day 22 of my hatch. I have 8 eggs, 2 of which have been chirping for 2 days. I figured that my two hatchlings were having trouble. Today one of them did pip through the shell, but never unzipped. Finally I broke, and took off part of the shell hoping to help it along, but still it seemed stalled. I pulled a bit of the membrane, which was thick and a little dry away and the baby has finally emerged from the shell.

    Baby two is getting weaker sounding. I tried to help it along too, but there is a bit more blood and it has me worried.

    This is my first hatch and its out of a homemade incubator. I have not been able to get my humidity over 45 even though I have a good amount of water sitting on the floor. I know part of my humidity problem is that I've had to leave my lid partially open to adjust my heat.

    All the eggs look like something developed, dark mass inside, but I've only felt movement and heard chirping from these 2. I've been thinking they are having problems because of the humidity being too low.

    With chick two looking bloody, should I just let nature take its course, or help it out?

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