2 hens 1 clutch?

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Sep 12, 2019
I have a very obviously broody hen on a clutch, and a second non-broody hen that has not left her side. I have never seen the second hen lay on the eggs, she mostly seems to just stand watch over her 24/7. Is this anything to be concerned about? I have not come across this behavior before.
Welcome to BYC, occasionally their best friend will stay with them or decide to brood right along with them, if broody is allowing here there wouldn't worry about other than the friend may be sneaking more eggs under the broody. I gave up on trying to micro manage broodies as they do a good enough job themselves, sometimes you can move one and her nest but it isn't usually successful in my experience they sjust refuse even if I move nest back to stay on the eggs.
I had 3 hens sit on a community nest full of eggs once. they even raised the babies together. One was the Head Momma and the meanest, the other two would keep other chickens away from the babies, but the babies slept under all 3. Chickens can be crazy.

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