2 losses in less than a week.


May 25, 2021
On August 24, my 1.5 year old silkie hen Baby Barbra ultimately passed from a respiratory infection. We watched her slowly decline for about 3 weeks and spent $300+ at a vet trying to save her. September 2, my 6 month old rhode island red cockerel Plum went missing and hasn’t been seen since. I am devastated that my already small flock has lost so much in such a short period of time.

My birds free range in our yard but we are surrounded by a forest. I have seen hawks, coyotes, fox, raccoons and bears in the area. We knew when we decided to let them out to completely free range it was always a possibility that one (or more) could go missing like that. We have a dog who regularly patrols the woods surrounding our house and generally keeps predators away but she hasn’t been back there much lately.

I am so sorry Plum that this was the way you had to go. You had so much potential as a gorgeous rooster but you also had an amazing personality.


Here is Plum (left) with his sister Nugget (right)

Thank you Plum (and BB) for all the joy you gave us in your short time with us. We will always carry both of you in our hearts.

On a somewhat related note, my ameracauna mix Lexi developed a limp in her right leg when she runs which wasn’t there before Plum’s disappearance. I checked her over and there are no cuts/bumble foot signs on her foot. I suspect that Plum’s disappearance and Lexi’s new limp are connected. Other than that our flock is showing no other issues and Lexi is walking/eating/behaving normally. Plum also had a limp and it also only came out when he ran. Not sure how he developed it either.
So sorry for your losses, those are tough to take. Plum was a lovely girl :hugs

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