2-month old "Brahmarochin" Cockerel, in Oakland, CA


11 Years
Jun 4, 2012

Looking for a home for my "Brahmarochin" cockerel, who is 1/2 Dark Brahma, 1/4 Black Copper Marans, and 1/4 bantam Cochin. Parent pics are below. His mom, Bettina, is the sweetest lap hen ever, and his pop, Diego, is gentle on the ladies, easy to handle, and popular with at least some of the neighbors (he sleeps in a mancave at night). Juan (he was chick #1) and his 3 pullet hatch-mates (I got lucky this time) have been raised by two broody mamas (broody-hatched on May 20), are integrated in the larger flock, and eat organic feed and plenty of bugs and plants on their daily free-ranging forays. Juan is friendly and curious, and I believe he'll grow into a big, fluffy, gentle, colorful rooster.

My chickens are my pets with benefits, and my hope is to find a good home for Juan where he can range regularly and have some lady friends to look after and be treated kindly until and when it's time for him to move on.

Papa Diego:

Mama Bettina on the left:
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Hi all, still looking for a home for this guy. He's getting some lovely colors. Here's updated pics at 13 weeks.
I would be willing to travel a bit to bring him to a good home.


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