2 month old roo attacked and almost killed!


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Feb 6, 2018
I had my first broody hen who hatched two chicks back in the beginning of Feb. One is a hen and one a roo (Im surly sure).
I had them separate in the garage in a dog crate. The Mum got ancy about two weeks ago so I planned to move them into the coop with the others (9 hens of three different breeds).
My neighbour said move them into the coop at night to try and prevent them being attacked by the others.
The Mum did a good job defending them for the first three days or so. They were doing ok and no big squabbles.
Once I noticed them picking on the roo a little bit, so I thought I’d keep my eye on it.
Then next thing i knew, they were attacking him. He was hiding in the corner and even his mum was attacking him.
I grabbed him and his whole entire neck was sliced open at the back (about 10cms).
I took both chicks back into the garage and treated the wound plus gave him antibiotics. He’s been doing ok and I’m glad he made it.
However today I realized that through the injury he completely lost his voice. He makes no sounds at all. Today he was really trying to test his vocals and he’s completely mute.
Is it normal for hens to attack a roo like this? And have you ever heard of this type of injury where it appears the vocal cord has been damaged?
My rooster was raped by hen.He didn't talk or socialize for about a week after it happened.I think mostly out of embarrassment.You should familiarize him with flock by leaving him in crate and putting crate in with flock.After a couple days open crate and let him come out on own terms.

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