2 months chicks just a few questions..

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Singlemaple, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Jan 27, 2010
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    i have 12 two month old chicks they are on medicated feed we bought a 50 lbs bag and they have about a 1/4 left when do we switch them to normal layer feed and when can they go in with our big chickens? they have daily contact well sort of its through fencing but anyway when can they go with the big ones and when do they change to layer feed?
  2. You have a mixed question there. Chicks can remain on starter until they are about 18 weeks old and then gradually switched to layer feed so that they are on layer by the time they start laying. You can also switch them now to a grower feed if it is available in your area until they are about 18 weeks and then switch to layer. If you are wanting to integrate your chicks into the main flock at this time then that is a different story. If they have been only seperated by wire and they get along through the fence, then you can integrate them at any point. They will eat the layer feed or whatever you have the older ones on. If you allow your younger ones to go back to their area at night then you can feed them chick feed at night and in the morning just to keep that in their system until they get a bit older.
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    Our chicks our going with our big chickens at 13, but they don't get layer feed until they start to lay, they will get game feed. Plus the baby chicks have to be big enough to deal with the older chickens. We have been ranging the little and big ones for a month so they can get used to each other. Now tonight we are putting the little ones in the big chicken's coop while the big chickens are sleeping on the roost. Hope this helps!!! [​IMG]

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    do any of ya'll know how tob put on weight, my flock is 12weeks and their growing but just not putting on weight. i worry about them they are on stater finisher right now.

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