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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by crooked stripe, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Two more days and counting. I have a BO that went broody and I bought eggs and placed them under her. I can't stand the wait. You folks know what I mean. What can I expect with the broody? Will she sit till all are hatched or get off the nest and watch? Her brooding cage is 2x3x8 and is enclosed in a covered run. To the right of the cage is the coop and to the left is a screen door that leads to the outside run then a door to freedom. We are experiencing a cool down and temps are in the 50's in the morning. I am starting to worry if the cool down will hurt the new chicks. Do you guys think it is too cool for the hen to be hatching this time of year? I could gather up the chicks and put them in a heated brooder if I have to. I was hoping to watch the hen interact with the newborns. Then again here I go counting my chicks before I hatch. John
  2. Well first of all, ... CONGRATS!

    I love it when a hen goes broody!

    The hen should sit on the eggs until she feel that all that are going to hatch have hatched.

    About the tempeture I wouldnt know, But I would imagine the mother hen would take care of the babys.

    Best of Luck [​IMG]

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    Wow! Congrats! [​IMG]
    Best of luck and wishes to you! [​IMG]
    The mother hen should know all about taking care of her eggs; don't worry! Let her do her thing! [​IMG]
    Hope you get a wonderful hatch!!! [​IMG]

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